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Formed in 1998, 3kStatic is an underground electronic music and multimedia collective, with genre-bending releases on eighteen labels worldwide.

Frequently collaborating with artists from across the music spectrum, 3kStatic has charted numerous singles and albums, with multiple #1 genre singles and two GRAMMY© Award entry candidate albums.

Several 3kStatic singles and remixes also appear on genre-focused compilations, and artist albums, including work for Lords of Acid, KMFDM, Tweaker and many others.

'Evolver', a 3kStatic sample collection, was released in 2009 by Sony Creative Software.

Heavily influenced by pioneers of early industrial electronica, 3kStatic applies Dadaist 'found sound' and 'cut and paste' techniques throughout its catalog, often corresponding with 'Situationist' and overtly political themes.

Extensively heard in MTV reality programming and on multiple indie film soundtracks and commercial spots, the project's current album release is 'Idol Pleasures'.

'Radio Teknika', a collaborative album with Kevin Max, will be released May 2020.